2018 Ryo-Currency Retrospective

Ryo dominates UASF forcing Sumo to flee the network for ASICs

🍾The coming out party for Ryo-Currency commenced with nonce 3221318963 as Sumo capitulates.🎉

Ryo-Currency propagates through the Cryptosphere & Social Media

Exchanges, Exchanges, Exchanges
A selfless donation of time and effort 🙏
Core developer Mosu_forge does so much more than just deliver an outstanding GUI wallet
Can you think of a better delivery system for your morning coffee? ☕️
This grabbed the attention of Grand Maester of Crypto Mining Crypto Christopher Walken, check out his telegram channel where you’ll find loads of helpful miners
That’s the kind of trend line we want to see continue!

Time for the goodies, oh the sweet sweet development!

Poisson like the fish? 🙈🙉🙊
  • Poisson check to detect and mitigate timestamp manipulation attacks
  • Short ‘Kurz’ addresses
  • 14-word seeds secured by a proper crc-12 checksum
  • Increased privacy with move to fixed fees to plug timing leak[8]
Failure is just a step towards success
  • Early DDoS attacks which took down the official mining pool & block explorer at times.
  • Going live on the official mining pool and hitting a bug missed in testing causing the pool to fork from the network.
  • Being the victim of a timestamp attack to the tune of 900 blocks or ~2.5 days emission. The silver lining being that this event became an spark for enhancing the core code with an innovative Poisson check mitigation technique.

A. Ryo source code will be ‘source available’ for 6 months before release to the public domain [13]

B. Development fund of 8.0 mil / 25,641 ryo emitted weekly as a special block reward (2,564 weekly dev salary) [14]

No donations necessary for continued R&D 😉
Powered by the Official public remote node -> geo.ryoblocks.com:12211

Onward and upward what to be excited about for 2019

  • Bulletproofs — scaling enhancement
  • Uniform Payment ID (UPID) system — privacy enhancement
  • Ring size increase from 13 to 25 — privacy enhancement
  • Quadratic Weighted Moving Avg diff algorithm — network enhancement
Delivering Privacy First

I start to like ****** more and more, he is the only one crazy enough to also work at 1am on a Friday 😄 — Fireice_uk

  1. Optional live price charts, showing your current balance in USD, EUR, GBP, etc and the value of transactions at the time you made them.
  2. Exportable list of transactions including price at the time of transfer
  3. Recent news section and update notifications
  4. Auto locking wallet when inactive for a certain amount of time
  5. Cold-signing transactions



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